A busy week…

Planning for the move is still under-way.  I don’t have my boxes as yet so no packing gas started.  They will be delivered on Monday and I am off, so I will get to it in a few days.  The packing process isn’t too bad at least, gives you a chance to get rid of stuff you no longer need, or at least that is what I do.

My umpiring for the summer is winding down.  I did 3 games this past weekend.  On Saturday, I umpired in the men’s tournament.  As I suspected, the fans were all drunk and rather annoying but at least the players weren’t drunk this time.  The game was over in just under 2 hours so not too bad.  Sunday, it was A league play-off action, a double-header.  It was pretty good ball and fairly close games, they could have gone either way.  I umpire tomorrow – Cal Ripken 12u league, it’s a warm-up game for them to prepare for the upcoming World Series.  Thursday I am on the plate for the A league championship which should be a great game, I would guess.

Last night I went out with a friend to a new place I didn’t know existed.  It was a BBQ/smokehouse and the food was great.  I had the brisket, some cornbread and started off with deep friend pickles.  The coleslaw had a major zip to it so it wasn’t quite what I expected but all in all, I would recommend Hayden Block Smoke and Whiskey.  It’s in the Kensington neighbourhood.  If you’re looking for whiskey, they have more varieties than I knew existed.

Tonight is my annual MLB All-Star game dinner with a former co-worker.  We went out for the first time to watch the All-Star game 6 years ago when a friend was visiting from Ontario.  We continued it the next year, without the friend from Ontario. She then moved on from BDO and ever since, we’ve met on this day to catch up.  We have a good time going over what’s gone on the past year.  This will be the 7th year.  Next year, we might need to change where we meet since I will be living 2.5 hours away, but we can plan for that, next year.

So, this week will zip by, not that I am counting down the days and hours until I am off for 24 days.  I am looking forward to it.

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