The fun of moving…

I have been making arrangments for my upcoming move.  There is a lot to do, of course and if you’ve ever moved, you’d know this.

I’ve arranged for power to be changed to my name.  I contacted Shaw to cancel my services since they don’t offer service where I am moving to.  They suggested Shaw Direct for satellite TV so I spoke with those people.  It wasn’t a bad deal, BUT, they wanted $299 for a HD PVR.  Yeah, I don’t think so.  I think I will try one of the tv streaming services.  I still need to cancel my Shaw services, I need to call them though, you can’t do it via chat and the last time I called, I was on hold for over 20 minutes before I gave up.  I bet you don’t need to hold anywhere near as long when you are signing up.

I have arranged for the internet as well.  I will be using one of the over the air providers, they need to come and do an assessment to ensure they can provide the fastest internet they offer, which is the one I want.  The assessment is being done on the 31st and they are installing the same day.  The Internet is not something I can do without, obviously, since I work from home.

I’ve booked a moving van through uHaul.  I was going to do a one way move and drop if off at a depot quite near my house.  It will be cheaper (but more time consuming) for me to return it to Calgary but that works since I also need to return the moving boxes that I’ve booked.  In my last move, I used a company called Ecobox and it was great.  They are large plastic boxes that are stackable.  The bottoms won’t break out on them which is far better than cardboard.  They also deliver them and typically they pick up as well but since I am moving outside of their area, I need to drop them off.

So, things are coming together.  I don’t actually enjoy moving, but once the move is done, I think all will be well.

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