Mountain Man

I have decided that the dogs and I are moving to the mountains.  I found a place in Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, just west of Coleman, Alberta.  It’s about 250km from Calgary but I don’t really have anything holding me in Calgary.  I have worked at home now for a little over 4 years and all I need is high-speed internet access and I can get that where I am moving to.

When checking on the internet, Shaw actually services Coleman, but 3km West of Coleman, nope, they don’t.  Figures…  So I will be going with one of the over the air providers.  I have looked into it briefly and found one that offers unlimited data so I think I will go with their 25mbps service.  That is slow when compared to what I have, but what can ya do.

So, the dogs and I will be moving at the end of the month.

Front of house

Blondie got into that shot, yet when I WANT to take a picture of her, she gets all camera shy.  I love the mountain peeking over the top of the house.

This is the view from the backyard.  The property is about a 1/2 acre and backs onto a small lake.  The dogs have already been for a swim.  I think they’ll like it.

The inside of the house reminds me of a cabin up north.  Laminate flooring in the living areas, tile in the kitchen and both bathrooms.  It does have a full basement, not finished, will be used for storage.

I think we will enjoy living here.  Here’s to the adventure.  🙂


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