Another quick weekend…

The weather was excellent today and the baseball diamonds were open again, at least the diamond I was scheduled to umpire on. As of last night and even early today, I didn’t have a partner scheduled. Shortly before I left the house at 9am, I checked and a partner was assigned. This is good, I didn’t really eat to do two games by myself.

Good games today, 10am and 1pm. The second game was over at 3 so it was a pretty quick day as well.

I stopped at Canadian Tire on the way home. I finally bought an extension cord so I can use the trimmer and the hedge out front can use a trim. I also replentished the dogs biscuit supply.

I’ve been relaxing since getting home, still need to have a shower before hitting bed. This week will be busy, I have games Monday though Thursday. The forecast is calling for some rain so I might lose a night or two. This weekend is the Canada Day weekend so there isn’t a lot of ball going on, I do have a double header on the first, Cal Ripken.

Tomorrow is Monday, so if you’re looked most of us, it means heading back to work. Enjoy your week.

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