Let’s just relax, on our new couch…

I umpired last night, that’s no surprise – I seem to umpire most nights.  That’s OK though, for the most part I enjoy it and the extra income is good too.  It was a pretty good game, weather was perfect for baseball.

I had arranged to pick up my new (used) couch after I finished umpiring, so I figured I’d arrive shortly before 10pm.  We had it loaded and were off heading to my place by 10:20.

We took apart the old sectional, discovered many “lost” dog toys that the dogs were happy to have back and put the old couch outside on my covered patio.  Off to the dump with that one, hopefully this weekend.

We had to remove the front door to get it inside, it was just a little wide with the attached legs.  Setup was a breeze and the couch wasn’t that heavy at all.

I then let the dogs back in, they seemed as excited as I was.

Blondie is just relaxing on it, watching the world go by – the life of a dog 🙂


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