Busy weekend…

This past weekend flew by, as most weekends do.  I umpired a total of 4 games and did two of them alone so I will get paid for 5 games.  Not a bad weekend, profit-wise.  It was some good ball as well.

Saturday, we made it through a rainy game at 1pm, we had a 20-25 minute delay during the game but we got it in.  I didn’t think that the parks people would allow the 4pm game to go on, but they did.  The mound wasn’t in good condition at all, any more rain and it would have been done.  We got through it in record time, 1:40.  Not a bad game at all, 3-1 was the final.

I did another game by myself on Sunday which went into extra innings.  I did have a partner for the second game, thanks to GA for helping out and coming into Calgary early on Father’s Day to boot.

Umpiring two double-headers makes the weekend zoom by.  It almost seems like there was no weekend but it’s enjoyable.  This week is a little lighter of a load, games tonight and Wednesday at Foothills so nice and close to home.

Another month until I start my vacation.  I am looking forward to it.  Last week, one of my co-workers in my group left and this week, the Manager leaves.  It leaves our group, Service Delivery rather short.  I am sure some changes are coming, I don’t exactly know what those changes will be.  Time will tell, I guess.

Well, it’s Monday, enjoy your week.

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