Politics, dogs and umpiring…

Yesterday as election day in the province of Ontario.  Although I no longer live there, I was hoping that the NDP would not form the government.  It seemed like the momentum was going their way, and I know why this seemed so – the media made it seem that way.  Thankfully (likely, we will see), the PCs got themselves a majority.  I didn’t think the Liberals would get anywhere and they didn’t, reduced to 7 seats.  Good on them, they’ve been a mostly horrible government for longer than I care to remember.  So, in short, good luck to the PCs and to Ontario in general.  I think things can only look up.

Now that I have said that, I am also forced to wonder – why did 3 of 4 ridings in Niagara, my former home, vote for NDP candidates.  That was a bit surprising and a bit sad.  Thankfully, the NDP didn’t have enough support to form the government, that would have been a bigger mistake than Alberta electing them, I think.  We can correct that mistake in just under a year.

Aside from politics, the 3 days with Lita have gone well.  She is a good dog and gets along well with Blondie, Hera and Twix.  Her Dad comes to get her this evening and hopefully we will be able to dog-sit for her again before too long.  Having her with us though proves that I would not want a permanent 4th dog, it would be too much.  Never mind increasing food and vet expenses by 25% but a 4th dog who also wants your attention 100% of the time, it’s tough to juggle.  Lita will always be welcome.

This weekend I am umpiring 4 games in total.  Saturday is supposed to be nice but rainy and cool weather returns for Sunday so it looks right now that those games won’t go.  Of course, this is Calgary and weather changes hour by hour and minute by minute sometimes so the forecast may very well change before Sunday arrives.

I am also going to one of the best breakfast buffets that I’ve ever been to on Sunday morning.  It’s at a place called the Smuggler’s Inn and is amazing.  I am almost full already.

Enjoy your weekend, it’s only a few hours away.

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