Dog Sitting

I am dog-sitting for the rest of the week, Lita has joined the pack once again for a few days while her Mom galavants about the planet.  The four dogs are already exhausted, playing steady for 2+ hours wears them out, it will be a peaceful rest of the day I am sure.

At least now Lita knows who I am and she trusts me now.  She is very friendly now, the first time I looked after her she didn’t trust me for well over a day.  Twix was playing with her quite a bit so everyone is getting along which is awesome.

I am teaching her some bad habits that I am sure her owners will appreciate, such as being allowed up on the furniture.  Come on, I don’t have floor dogs.  She is getting it and hopefully it will continue when she gets home later this week.

No umpiring for me until Saturday, I blocked my schedule off.  It will be nice having a few evenings free.  Time to watch some TV I guess and take it easy.  I might try the dog park but with 4 dogs, people will think I am either crazy or one of those dog walking people.

Lita goes home Friday night and I am sure all four of them will have a good few days and will be tired.  After all, a tired dog is a happy dog.

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