Another Monday Already…

Another new week starts, Monday.  Why do weekends go by so quickly, it’s not really fair.  I am not necessarily a hater of Mondays, they happen, nothing we can do about them.

I had an uneventful double-header yesterday at Optimist Park, Babe Ruth AA league.  It was generally pretty good ball and the weather was perfect for baseball.

Tonight, I am going to look at that house in Blackie and see what I think.  Small town life could have some benefits, I am sure – I have never done it before.  Guess time will tell.

I only have one game scheduled for this week, tomorrow night down in New Brighton, it will hopefully be my one and only trip down there as it’s about a 40 minute drive from my place, presuming the traffic is good.

Wednesday through Friday of this week I will have a house guest as I look after Lita – I am sure the four dogs will be tired after their 3 days together.

Enjoy your week.

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