I have been on Facebook since sometime in 2007 now, so quite a long time now.  One of the features it has is called “On this day” where it shows you posts from this day in history.

Most of the time, it reminds us of good times we’ve had and shared on Facebook.  Today, it reminded me that 3 years ago my first dog, Zeus, passed away.  I was happy to see pictures and read comments from friends on his passing, but saddened that I was reminded that I lost my little buddy 3 years ago.  Blondie was devastated at the time as well, she had known Zeus since day 1 with us.  She loved him immediately, although it took some time for him to warm up to her.

Happier times now with three girl dogs who all love me – Blondie, Hera and Twix.  Thanks for almost 9 years with me Zeus, you’ll always be remembered and always missed.

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