Great weather and more baseball…

The Babe Ruth Silent Auction was held last night at Schanks South Bar, lots of items to bid on, good food and lots of people.  I stayed for a couple of hours, left shortly after 9pm.  I guess I am getting old eh. Had a good time though, didn’t bid on anything, there was some nice stuff but nothing that I needed.  I did buy two raffle tickets for Westjet tickets to anywhere they travel.  I didn’t win.  Oh well.

This morning the dogs and I went to the offleash park for an hour or so.  It was already nice and warm by 9:45 when we got there.  I was thinking of letting them go for a swim in the river, but I didn’t really have enough time to walk around and let them dry off, so we had to pass on that today.

I umpired a double header this afternoon.  Not bad ball.  I did eject two coaches (one from each team) in the second game – complaining on calls.  Oh well, pretty routine stuff.  Those were the first ejections of the year, I hope that they are rare, no one likes getting ejected.

I have another double header tomorrow, same times, 1pm/4pm and the weather is supposed to be just as nice as today.  It’s a good way to spend a weekend and the money is a nice bonus.


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