Baseball is a big part of life…

I am fairly busy with baseball right now.  I have retired from coaching and luckily, I don’t miss it at all.  I am now busy with umpiring, 4 days a week or so.

I had a AA game last evening, Babe Ruth league, Giants vs. Rockies.  I used to be the Club Manager for the Rockies although none of the players on the team were there when I was last with the club (2 years ago).  Most of the coaches were though.

I had to do the game alone, no partner was available.  I am OK with that, it’s 1.5 times the regular game fee.  It was a good game, the Rockies came out ahead in the end after trailing.

It was a cool evening, 9C but no rain.  Not too bad for middle May in Calgary.

Tonight is the yearly silent auction for Babe Ruth at Schanks, a bar in south Calgary.  I will see if there is anything good to bid on and have some eats with other baseball people, it’s a good group.

I have 2 double headers this weekend, both days.  I was asked to take a 3rd game on Sunday but a triple header is a bit much for me, and too long for the dogs to go without going out.

Enjoy your weekend.

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