Napping and umpiring – not at the same time…

As I have noted, I umpired 2 double headers this past weekend.  Being the first games of the year, I think they tired me out.  I had a nap after work yesterday, figured I’d nap for an hour or so – 2.5 hours later I woke up and had to rush – dogs needed to go to the dog park, had to feed them and myself and then off to another umpiring assignment.

This year, Babe Ruth is handling the umpires for our A league, using older players in the AAA and AA league to cover these games.  I was umpiring with one of the younger guys.  It was a good game, from what I have come to expect of 13/14 year olds playing ball on regulation sized fields.  We were done shortly after 9pm in a lopsided game.

Apparently, the long nap in the afternoon didn’t affect my sleeping last night.  No games now until Thursday so I will enjoy some relaxing evenings for a few nights and I am sure the dogs will like having me at home.

I do have 2 double headers scheduled this weekend as well.  I received an email wanting me to take a 3rd game on Sunday so that would make it a triple-header – ummm, no thanks – 2 is enough, plus I don’t want to leave the dogs for 9-10 hours, that’s a bit nuts.  I am using the money I earn umpiring to pay for the dogs boarding when I am away a couple of time this summer.  I also enjoy baseball so it’s a win-win.


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