Lots of umpiring…

I opened my 2018 umpiring season this past weekend.  On Saturday, I covered a senior men’s double header.  I had previously umpired in this league a few years ago and it wasn’t the best league to do.  It has improved which is good.  The games were pretty quick and the weather was perfect.

Sunday was Opening Day for Babe Ruth.  I did another couple of games.  I am a bit sore today, not use to being on my feet that long since I have a desk job.  I also got hit on the shoulder with a foul ball that missed the thick padding on my chest protector and hit the thinner padding – thanks ball.

Another game tonight with a younger, new umpire and then I have a few days off.  I am well on my way to being able to pay for dog boarding later this summer when I am away.

The weather has been great, spring has finally arrived. Hopefully, it will stay dry now.  Enjoy your week.

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