An almost mandatory update…

It is now the middle of October, I didn’t want to post at the beginning of the month and start some regular monthly update, that would put too much pressure on me.

September was good – the hot weather stayed for most of the month but I did have to start using the heat a few days here and there towards the end of the month.  Actually, I think I had to turn it on for the first time before summer officially ended, but hey, it’s Calgary.

I did quite a bit of umpiring in September and early this month, Fall Ball.  Not the best quality baseball but not that bad either.  I am done now, it has been too cold, generally, to want to stand outside and call balls and strikes and safes and outs.  It was, in general, a good season of baseball.

I was off of work last week, used some vacation time.  Nice and relaxing, other than having a cold which is now gone.  I also have insomnia again, it is a yearly thing.  Lots of fun there.  If it is like previous years, it will stick around for 3-4 months or so and then I will sleep well again.

I did buy a lottery ticket on Friday, expecting to be able to retire today.  Well, I am working so guess how I did on the lottery.

Have a good one, until the next update.  🙂

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