August already?

Wow – It looks like I didn’t post at all during the month of July.

July was a good month.  I had two weeks off of work, a staycation.  Babe Ruth was hosting back to back Regional baseball tournaments that I helped with.  Saw some good ball, saw some not so good ball.  It was a good couple of weeks.  The dogs and I visited various dog parks most mornings, I had happy and tired dogs.

I was back to work yesterday and I was used to going back to bed after feeding the dogs – yesterday was a tiring day, I guess one gets used to sleeping in pretty quickly.  Today will be an easier day I am sure.

I did quite a bit of umpiring the first half of the month as well.  Didn’t make myself available while I was off but did do one AAA playoff game where no one else was available or willing.

July was also hot, the hottest since I have been in Calgary and apparently, one of the hottest ever.  Day time temps were in the upper 20’s and low 30’s.  The house wasn’t too bad, did heat up in the evenings though.  This wasn’t a typical summer, at least what I’ve become used to in Calgary anyway.

So, it is August already.  There won’t be much, if any umpiring this month since Babe Ruth wraps up until Fall Ball.  I don’t like umpiring the Senior Men’s league so I will be taking it easier this month I think.

After my first year not coaching baseball, I am happy to report that I didn’t miss it.  I was worried that I would but this was a good summer.  I was able to set my own schedule for umpiring and wasn’t at the park 6 days as week.  I am sure I will go back to it at some point but for now, this is working well.

Back to work for me – enjoy your day and have a good August.

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