Happy Canada Day

Just a quick update.  My second 4-day weekend was good, nice and relaxing.  I umpired a few games, took the dogs to the park a few times, had a few naps.  Sounds like I am ready for retirement.  Well, who isn’t?  Only issue is that I’d be out of money pretty quick.  Guess I will continue working.

This is a long weekend as well since Saturday is Canada’s birthday, we get Monday off.  No umpiring this weekend, most of the leagues aren’t playing.  I will enjoy the time off.  The weather is supposed to be nice which is good.  No plans on going to watch fireworks anywhere.  Not sure if I will see them from my place or not.  The dogs aren’t frightened by them anyway so that’s good.

Next Friday is Stampede Day in Calgary so it is the office event day, the office is closed so I am off – yes, I don’t work in the office but I still get it off.  That means next week is a 3 day work-week.

My two weeks of vacation is coming up too, it will be nice being off.  I am not sure when the last time I had back to back weeks off, but it has been a while.

Can’t believe July is already here.  Time flies.  Happy Canada Day.

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