Four day weekends

I had a four day weekend this past weekend.  I have another four day weekend coming up so this is a nice, short, three day work-week.

The four day weekend zoomed by as quickly as a normal 2 day weekend though.  Friday was a relaxing day.  I went to an Okotoks Dawgs baseball game in the evening.  It started raining in the 3rd inning.  We got a little wet and were cold and after 45 minutes or so, we decided to pack it in.  The game did eventually restart but would not have finished until close to midnight.  Past my bedtime.

I had breakfast out on Saturday morning followed by a trip to the dog park.  There is almost always a trip to the dog park.  I umpired in the afternoon – good ball game, except for the whiny coach from Edmonton.

Sunday I took the car for a long trip, first since I bought it.  I drove to Cranbrook, BC and met a co-worker for lunch.  It was a good drive, good food and good to see a co-worker that I’d normally only see at our IT Conferences.  I made it with just over one tank of gas so the mileage was great.

I umpired again last night to round out the long weekend.  Will be a good pay day at the end of the month, I’ve done quite a few games this month.

I am sure this week will fly by.  I am off Friday and Monday again but no real plans as yet.  I do have umpiring this weekend but otherwise nothing is going on.  Sounds good to me.

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