A little down time

I have had a house guest since Sunday night again, Lita, my friends’ dog.  Lita is going home this afternoon.  The four of them had fun playing outside all day Monday and yesterday until after dinner when it decided to start raining.  It is raining again today so they are inside and are all sleeping, I think they are tired out.

I have back to back 4 day weekends coming up, will be nice having some time off of work.  I am heading to an Okotoks Dawgs baseball game on Friday evening with a co-worker.  I have not been to a game in a few years.  Great ball park down there.  I am glad I looked online for tickets, they were almost sold out.  I was able to get a pair of tickets right behind the plate in the second row.  Should be a good time.

I have a few umpiring assignments thrown in, Thursday, Saturday and Monday.  All plate games.  Sunday, I am taking a day trip to Cranbrook, BC.  I am just going for lunch actually, the drive will be nice.  I have not been to BC since 1986 when I drove from Calgary to Vancouver for Expo 86.  I am taking two different mountain passes on Sunday so it will be a nice drive.  It will also be the first time I have had the new car out for a long run.

No other plans really.  I am sure the dogs and I will go for a hike or two.  I am looking forward to a little down time.  For those of you who are Fathers, have a good Fathers Day.

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