Another week in the books

Another week just about over.  I did some umpiring last weekend and again on Monday, I umpire again tonight and a double-header on Sunday.  It has been a warm week and the house heated up some.  No need for AC, but Hera thinks there is.  It’s comfortable and for a change, Twix isn’t cold.  Blondie doesn’t seem to mind it.  Last night we had a rather powerful thunderstorm roll through.  Had torrential rain, a bit of hail and a fairly nice light show.  Since I am now in the NW where we often get hail, I am very glad to have a garage, I don’t need little dents and dings on my car.  I am glad that none of the dogs are afraid of thunderstorms.

Speaking of dogs, I will have a visitor for a few days again, Lita is coming for a few nights on Sunday evening again.  At least she’s learned I am trustworthy so she won’t be afraid of me for the first day and a half.  It should be a fun visit this time around.

Next weekend I am using some of my banked lieu time and taking a 4 day weekend.  I am looking forward to some relax time.  Right now, I have no umpiring scheduled for that weekend, I am sure some games will come around though, I hope so anyway.

I have two weeks booked off in July, I will be helping with the tournaments that Babe Ruth is hosting. I have an idea for a road trip in the back of my head – I am thinking of driving to Colorado for 4 or 5 days in total – catch a Rockies game or two.  That will be in August, if I decide to go.

Well, the weekend is here in a few hours, enjoy.

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