The weekend, dog parks & umpiring

The weekend is here after a holiday shortened week.  The week flew by, as most weeks do – something about getting older, perhaps?  It wasn’t overly busy, but I have enough to keep me out of trouble at work at any rate.

Blondie, Hera, Twix and I just got in from the dog park, we were playing ChuckIt and now they are tired.  I hear, and believe, that a tired dog is a happy dog.  All three are zonked out on the floor, likely because it is cooler.  It isn’t hot out by any means, but when you run, full out after a ball for 45 minutes or so, I guess it will tire you out.  I get in a fair amount of walking myself so that isn’t bad either.

I am heading out shortly to do an inventory of baseball uniforms that we have in our equipment shed.  I have an assistant helping me, so we shouldn’t be any longer than an hour at most, I don’t think.  That will give me a good handle on what we have and will make ordering a lot easier next year.

This afternoon I am umpiring a double-header with a former baseball Dad of mine, should be fun.  An A game (I am on the plate) then a AA game with me on the bases.  I umpired on Thursday night at Foothills Stadium and had to eject a coach.  My partner called a balk on the pitcher (after neither of us called about 3 or 4 in a row) and the coach lost it.  Well, teach your player to pause before pitching and we won’t call balks on him.  Anyway, he whined and whined and I had heard enough, so I asked him to leave.  Yeah, that’s what I did.  Arrogant little coach anyway, oh well.

Tomorrow, I think the four of us are meeting with Lita and her Mom to go for a hike in Edworthy Park, it is supposed to be a beautiful day.  I think spring has finally arrived.

That will cause the weekend to go by even quicker than the week – always seems to happen.  Have you ever heard of someone saying that the weekend is dragging on?  Enjoy yours.

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