Lita and Umpiring

In my last update, I mentioned that I had a house guest for a few nights, Lita, a friend/co-workers dog.  She is a Shepherd mix and a very timid dog.  She got dropped off on Sunday night and although she had met me a few times before, did not seem to trust me at all.  She was quite taken with Hera though, which was good.

She whined a bit on Sunday night but settled down and slept in the living room on the couch with Hera.  Monday morning, she still didn’t trust me…  She ate breakfast with the other dogs and played outside most of the day while I worked.  By Monday evening, she was letting me pet her, once, and then she’d scurry off.  If I walked by her, she fled, as if she was thinking I’d step on her.  She is just a 9 month old puppy so her owner and I agree that she likely had a rough few months when she was very young.

By Tuesday morning, she finally decided that I was a good guy, I got a wake up kiss from her – thanks Lita.  On Tuesday, I was her best friend.  She got picked up Tuesday evening and was happy to see her Mom.  My three seemed to miss her when she left.  I know they will be friends moving forward at least and that’s great.

It was fun having her for a few days and now I am sure she will love me when she sees me.

Umpiring has been going well.  I am not missing the coaching aspect at all, which is good.  I have been given only A and AA games thus far and that’s fine with me.  I am sure I will be given some AAA games as the season matures, and if not, that’s OK too.  Next year, I do plan on going to an umpiring clinic, I missed it this year since I was away.

I had a game scheduled for tonight but because they are calling for very heavy rain starting around noon, it has already been canceled.  I umpire tomorrow night as well and then a double-header on the weekend.  It is keeping me busy and out of trouble.

The dogs and I have been doing some longer hikes in the area parks, been fun and we’ve been getting some good exercise.  Hera is much better in the off-leash area than she was before I left for my trip as well.  She was being overly “playful” with some of the smaller dogs and was freaking out the owners.  I am sure she’d never hurt one of the little dogs but she is a big dog, now she’s just playing with the larger dogs which is good.

Well, the work day has started, better get to it.  Enjoy your day.

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