Work, TV, internet, baseball and umpring…

My first week back to work has not been too bad.  The week zoomed by.  Monday was very busy, which is sort of unusual since it was the last day for us to file taxes.  The rest has been steady, but not insane.  I expect insanity to return next week, if trends from previous years continue.

I have decided that not only did I leave Telus for my cell service, I have decided to try Shaw for home internet and TV.  I will be saving quite a lot of money.  On the cell phone, my bill will be $40 per month with more services than I was getting with Telus and home services will be $90 for internet and TV for a year, then going to $140 something for the second year.  Even the $140 is a better deal than what I am paying now.

This weekend is opening weekend for Babe Ruth baseball.  Tomorrow night is our fundrasier night, silent auction and what not at Shanks South.  Sunday is supposed to be opening day, but the weather forecast doesn’t look good right now, we will see.  In the four years I have been involved, it has been moved at least twice and was VERY cold and damp on another occasion.

I have also decided to return to umpiring and thus far have 10 games assigned up until the long weekend.  That will keep me quite busy enough and will be good to get back on the field.  I didn’t do any umping last season at all so I am looking forward to it.

There, now you’re up to date.  🙂

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