Baseball and back to work…

I picked up the jerseys and hats for Babe Ruth yesterday and put together packages for 5 clubs (10 teams) so I am more than half way done with it.  The Jamboree tournament starts today.  I plan on doing this job next year and hope to have the stuff a week earlier so I am not so rushed, but, I do work better under pressure.  It will take me another few hours to get the rest of the uniforms together this morning, I plan on starting just after 8 am.  I worked last night until 8:40 pm or so and then it was getting a little too dark to continue.

I am happy to report that my decision to not coach this year appears to be the correct decision.  I am not missing the coaching aspect of it, at all.  That is a good thing, I was worried that I would miss it but thus far I am not.  I am glad I stayed with the league to help out.  There have been a few snags with uniforms this year but nothing major.

After today, all of the uniforms packages will be put together and the majority of my job will be done.  I do want to do a complete inventory of uniforms so that I have up to date information.  I also have decided that we will only offer one style of pants for next season, that will make things a lot easier.

I am back to work on Monday.  I am actually looking forward to getting back to it.  This was a nice relaxing week and I am still not back completely on schedule here.  I am back to not sleeping 7-8 hours – not 100% sure why though.  I am hoping that it will improve.

I am heading for an early breakfast with a friend and then off to the ballpark.  I may even catch some action today.  Enjoy your weekend.

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