A busy Saturday

I have often wondered why weekends go by so dang quickly where some weekdays go by far too slowly.  The obvious answer is we prefer being off on our own as opposed to working.  Typically, we also only get two days off per week where most of us work 5.

Well, yesterday, Saturday, zoomed by.  As per usual, I was awake very early in the morning, or very late at night.  I was up around 2AM.  This is the time where a lot of people will be going to bed, or if they’ve been out, perhaps not even home yet.  I am not sure when my sleep patterns will return to something I can call normal.

Anyway, I was able to get most of the order for uniforms for Babe Ruth completed in the wee hours of the night.  It is pretty well set to go now which is good.  It is mid-March, we have 6 weeks until the season starts.

I had a morning nap yesterday, from shortly after 7am until nearly 11am – guess I caught up on the sleep I didn’t get in the night.  That wrecked part of the day, I had originally intended on heading out early.  I zipped over to the Chinook Centre to pickup a pair of sandals for my upcoming trip, a friend works in the store and was able to give me them for half price, a good deal indeed – thanks.  I got home and wanted to clean out the back seat of my car so I could install a new seat cover to protect against the dog hair and paw dirt.  Well, discovered that my shop vac had frozen water in the hose – it was in the garage.  Oh well, left it out in the sun for a bit and that problem went away.

So, the dogs and I went to Edworthy Park for a walk – most of the snow was gone and the park was mostly dry which was good.  They didn’t track too much dirt into the car, I will clean it today and THEN install the seat cover.  I would like to keep this car a little cleaner than my last one – the poor Nitro was a tad dirty.

Today we have a baseball meeting.  Shouldn’t take too long.  Most of the planning for the season is done by this point.  Indoor workouts have started, the season will be upon us shortly.  I am also planning on going out for another hike with the dogs.

The week will likely go by pretty quickly.  I am looking forward, in most ways, to my trip.  Enjoy your Sunday.

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