Another weekend…

Blondie, Hera and Twix spent Wednesday night and Thursday at the Pet Resort in Cochrane.  I picked them up after work on Thursday, they were happy to see me and I them, and wow, were they ever tired.

We go to the dog park on a mostly daily basis and we are typically there for an hour or two.  At the pet resort, they play most of the day, very little down time.  Thursday evening was a quiet night.  Twix did not like it when I dropped her off, but it looks like she had a good time.  They posted some pictures shortly after they were dropped off and the dogs were happily playing away.

I also made a very rare appearance at the office.  I worked downtown for the first time in nearly 2 years.  I didn’t know most of the staff, as I expected.  I did see some people I knew, it was good catching up.  I am thinking I will go back to the one day a month visit schedule, just to try to stay “current” with the office.  I will do that starting in May.  That’s the plan anyway, we will see if it pans out.  🙂

Less than a week now until I leave for my trip.  I pick up my passport on Wednesday downtown after work.  Thursday after work I will drop the dogs off at the pet resort again, this time, it will be their home for a month.  I bought enough food for nearly two months.  Four bags was just over $320 and I got a 5th bag for free.  That will cover them until the end of April.  After I get home from dropping them off, I will need to finish my packing and try to catch an hour or two nap.  My friend is picking me up for an airport run and we will grab food on route.  The red eye leaves for Toronto at 12:35 and I get into Toronto shortly after 6am on Friday morning.  It will be a busy day and weekend visiting friends and family in Niagara.  I am working in the National office Monday through Wednesday the following week before flying out late Wednesday night.  I land in Mauritius on Friday morning and then don’t start working until Monday.

I guess I am looking forward to the trip, not the flights.  Getting there is 19 hours or so, from Toronto.  I typically don’t sleep while flying, I doubt I will be able to stay awake the whole time, we will see. I should have some stuff to keep me occupied while flying anyway and I think international flights have internet access, I hope they do anyway.

Nothing really going on this weekend.  I do have to finalize my baseball unform orders and we have a baseball meeting on Sunday.  It is supposed to be quite warm today, pushing nearly 20C.  I am sure a hike with the dogs will occur as well. Enjoy your weekend – they go by way too quickly.

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