Flights booked…

I’ve booked my flights for my upcoming trip.  I leave Calgary on March 24 on the red eye, getting into Toronto around 6am.  I have arranged to rent a vehicle for the weekend, picking it up at the airport.  I searched in Google for “rental cars Toronto airport” and followed the first link that I was provided.  I was shocked at what a good rate I got.  For a 5 seater, mid-sized car, they suggested a Honda Civic, that type, it was $9 per day plus taxes and “fees” – anyway, 3 days, inclusive was $70 some odd dollars.  A fantastic rate for sure.

So, I plan on going into the office for a few hours and then having lunch before heading to Niagara for the weekend.  I am sure it will end up being a very busy weekend.  I will head back to the airport early Monday morning to drop the car off.  I saved a boatload of money by returning it to the airport as opposed to returning it downtown.  I will catch a bus to the first subway station in the west end and then subway it downtown to head to the National office.  I am working 3 days in Toronto and heading out late Wednesday evening.

My first leg is Toronto to Frankfurt, Germany – 7.5 hour flight.  I then have a layover in Germany for 4 hours or so.  The next leg will not be much fun – 11.5 hours from Germany to Mauritius.  I get into Mauritius at 6am local time on the Friday and then have the weekend to get settled in before starting work on Monday.  I will spend three weeks in Mauritius before heading back – this time via Paris and Montreal to Calgary.  I am sure by that time I get back, I will NEED to be home.

The dogs will be in the pet resort for a month.  I am hoping they forgive me quickly, I am sure they will.  They will also likely be exhausted – all they do there is play all day, every day.  They’ll likely have the time of their lives.

All in all, I think it will be a good trip, a once in a lifetime thing.  Guess we will see.

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