My trip to Mauritius has finally been approved – well, it was mostly approved before, it was highly unlikely that it wasn’t going to happen, it has now been scheduled.

I was able to get a really good rate to have my dogs in boarding at Tree Top Pet Resort so I am extending my away time from Calgary and am going to spend an extra few days in Toronto and a couple of days in Niagara as well.

So, the plan is for me to take the red eye to Toronto on March 24.  I will get into the city at 6:30am or so and plan on heading downtown to the National office for the day.  I am hoping to get a car rental to head to Niagara on Friday evening, I might take a bus, but it will be a lot easier with a car.  I will have dinner with my cousin and Aunt on Friday night and then will head to Niagara for the weekend.  Friends in Welland have offered to let me stay with them for the weekend so that will be great.  A bunch of people are heading to Duff’s in St. Catharines on Saturday night – it has some of the best pizza and wings in Niagara.   The rest of the weekend is wide open, more or less.  There are a couple of spots I like so I am sure to return.

I will head back to Toronto on Sunday evening or Monday morning.  I will be working out of the National office from the Monday through Wednesday or Thursday and staying with my Aunt.  I’m heading to Mauritius on Thursday, perhaps as late as Friday to get there for Saturday.  That will give me a day to get settled in before starting work on the Monday.  I will have three weeks over there.  We are doing training with our IT staff there and are going live 24/7 for support as well.  It will be an interesting trip, I am sure.

I’ve never left North America before, Mauritius is the most remote place to visit from North America, unless you go to Antarctica…  It will be the beginning of fall when I get there and the stormy season will have ended.  I am looking forward to my visit to Ontario, will be nice to see friends and family.  I am not really looking forward to visiting Mauritius, but I am sure I will enjoy the experience.

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