Sleeping with dogs

I had put a deposit down on a king size mattress after adopting Twix.  Currently, I have a double which was fine with me and two dogs.  Squeezing in a third dog was a bit tight.  Hera starts with us at night and leaves and sleeps on the couch for the rest of the night.  She likes to spread out and there just isn’t enough room.

Anyway, I went into Sleep Country in January and found a good mattress for $1500 including GST.  I put down 10% to hold it at that price.  I had looked at online mattresses from various companies with prices ranging from $1100 to $1350, so really, not a lot of price difference.  Then, on Saturday, I saw a new ad with memory foam mattresses, king size, for $850 plus GST.  That’s a little more than half of what I was going to pay to Sleep Country so I figured I might as well cancel my purchase and get one of these ones online.

I went back to the store that I put the deposit down in – closed for renovations, figures.  I drove to the nearest store and explained the situation.  The sales guy showed me some comparable mattresses.  The one he recommended was $1800 for a king, so a grand more than the one I could get online.  Well, Sleep Country offers pricing matching + 5% off so I ended up getting it for just ove $800 plus GST.  With the $150 deposit from the other one applied to this new mattress, I owe just under $700 and have kept the original delivery date of the middle of March. I will get a little over a week to test it out before I head on my trip.  I am hoping that the dogs will like it, I am sure they will and also hoping that Hera will stay with us for the night too.

So, now to find some king size sheet sets, hopefully on sale and before next Fall, a new king size duvet.  At first glance, when you go to a king size duvet, the prices sometimes nearly double from a queen.  Oh well – what can ya do.  Looking forward to some nice nights of sleep.

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