Love four day weekends…

Today is Family Day in many of the Provinces in Canada – for some odd reason, BC’s was last Monday, guess they want to be different.  The only Province that doesn’t have something is Quebec, they are always different…  So, I am off today and to make an extra long weekend, I am off tomorrow as well.  Weekend is half over, I always wonder why weekends seem to go by so much faster than weekdays.

Saturday was a dog park day.  Blondie, Hera, Twix and I went out early, 7:30am or so and played ChuckIt for an hour and a half or so.  The park had turned from nice packed snow to rough snow-ice.  They didn’t seem to mind, I think they will play ChuckIt under any circumstances.  When we got home, I got a message from Twix’s former family, we had scheduled meeting up with them so we headed to Southland Dog Park (Sue Higgins Park) and walked around there for another hour and a half.  Twix was happy to see them and the visit went well.  She didn’t try to leave with them, so that made me happy, I think she’s enjoying her new life with me and her two dog sisters.  When we got home, they were rather tired.  We slept for a couple of hours in the afternoon, weekend naps are the best and are even better when you’re napping with your dogs.

Sunday, we started the day at Edworthy Park.  It isn’t ideal for playing ChuckIt, too much varied terrain, a great place to hike though.  I hiked about 4.5km in total which means the dogs likely did double or triple that.  I then made a solo road trip and visited my former hood, Forest Lawn in SE Calgary.  I dropped into the only Giant Tiger left in the city.  I used to live across from GT when I was in St. Catharines so I would be there numerous times a week.  I have not been there since I lived in the SE, over 3 years ago now.  They’ve renovated, and a few new buildings have cropped up since I lived there.  I stopped by Crossroads Market on the way home.  It has turned into more of a farmers market now.  A bit over-priced, I think.  Oh well…  Another nap in the afternoon made for a good Sunday afternoon.  Watched two excellent Morgan Freeman movies as well – The Shawshank Redemption and The Bucket List – two of my all time favourites.

Today, we will head back to Edworthy Park for another hike, at first light so 7:15ish.  It’s a 20 minute drive there so it should be light enough once we arrive.  I may be going for breakfast, not as yet confirmed and if so, that will be right after our hike as I have two baseball meetings starting at 10am.  I don’t know who schedules meetings for a holiday, other than Babe Ruth, but I guess that’s how it is.

Nothing else really planned.  I am sure we will end up somewhere tomorrow for a walk or ChuckIt.  I am going to apply, in person, for my passport.  Gotta get going on that since I am leaving in just over a month.It’s been a good weekend.  Back to work Wednesday for a shortened work-week.  Tax season is upon us, so I am hoping it will slow down a bit in IT.  We shall see.

It’s been a good weekend.  Back to work Wednesday for a shortened work-week.  Tax season is upon us, so I am hoping it will slow down a bit in IT.  We shall see.

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