Dog Food

When I first got Zeus, back in 2006, I put him on an Iams diet.  The vet I had at the time in St. Catharines said it wasn’t a bad food, one of the better ones in the “cheaper” variety.  Zeus stayed on that diet until he passed away, Blondie was also on Iams.  For a 20 lb bag, it was around $22 so not especially expensive.

After Zeus passed away, I looked at other brands of food.  I don’t know exactly why, it might have had something to do with his declining health in the last 6 months of his life.  I thought that perhaps if I bought a higher end food, it might help my dogs live a longer, healthier life.  I might be totally off-base too, who knows.

I did some research online, there are dozens or tens of dozens of different brands of food for your dog.  There are also advocates for feeding raw to your dog – I didn’t want to get into that.  It might be around the same cost, but it seems like a LOT of extra work and I am not sure I could handle watching the dogs chomping on raw food.

So, after speaking with my vet here in Calgary and speaking with the person at Global Pet Foods, I decided to try Pet Kind for Blondie and Hera.  I transitioned them over to it over a couple of weeks right after I adopted Hera.  They’ve now been eating it for nearly 2 years – it will be 2 years in July anyway.  I transitioned Twix to it as well and has not caused any issues with her and her sensitive stomach.

Anyway, long story short (I never tell a short story), I was in Global Pet Foods yesterday and picked up 3 x 25 lb bags of Pet Kind.  It comes to $250 with tax and I quickly calculated that I spend $3000 or so per year for dog food.  I don’t spend anywhere near that much for food for myself.  Don’t get me wrong, they are worth it, no doubt, but I had never calculated it before – sort of wish I hadn’t calculated it yesterday.  It is just a lot of money.

Pet Kind is made in BC and all sourced in Canada – I like both of those aspects.  I have not seen many (if any) recalls on this brand which is good.  It is an all stages food so you can start your puppy off on it and use it for their whole life.  There are also 4 different flavours so you can mix and match.  I don’t know how much of a difference that makes, but if I were a dog, I wouldn’t want the same flavour food for my whole life.  The dogs seem to like it, they gobble it up.  I have only ever seen it at Global Pet Foods, have not seen it anywhere else.  At Global, the deal is buy 12 bags and get the 13th free, so I get a free bag every 4 months or so – better than a kick in the butt and essentially makes it tax free, I will take that bonus.  They also have occasional sales, 10% off, sometimes more – another good deal.

Right at the moment, I have insomnia and am getting up in what most would call the middle of the night.  I feed the dogs around 3am and then again when we get back from the dog park, around 5pm.  It’s not a bad life, if you can swing it – I am referring to the dogs life, of course…

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