Happy birthday Twix

Today is Twix’s birthday.  Well, the day that her former owners celebrated as her birthday.  She is originally from San Diego, California and although her medical history from there is fairly complete, it doesn’t show a specific birthday, just February of 2013.  So, today, Twix is 4 years old.

She’s been part of the family for a day shy of a month and is fitting in very well.  She gets along with both dogs and loves to wrestle with Hera outside, Blondie even gets involved from time to time and she and Twix terrorize Hera.  Hera plays along well and rolls around in the snow.  They have a great time.  I need to bring my phone out one of the these days and video this as it is quite cute – two smaller dogs dominating poor Hera – even though Hera outweighs Blondie by 25 pounds and Twix by 40.  They have fun anyway.

Today is also Valentine’s Day.. Big deal…  LOL.  No significant other for me, that’s ok.  Here’s a shoutout to the other singles out there and if you do have a significant other, well, Happy Valentine’s Day.

It is already mid-February.  Time is zooming by.  I will be leaving for my trip in just over a month.  I am hoping to have flights booked by next week.  I may be visiting Saskatchewan again in mid-March, just before I head to Ontario and Mauritius.  Lots of travelling for sure.

Well, time for coffee and get my day going, even though it is only 4:30 in the morning.  Hopefully my insomnia will end in the near future – have a good one.

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