Start of another week…

The start of a new week.  Some people hate or dread Monday’s, I don’t.  I typically look back and think how did the weekend go by far too quickly, but that’s about it.  I enjoy my job, I know a lot of people who don’t, for whatever reasons so I guess that’s why they may not like Mondays.  Well, perhaps if you don’t like your job, change it, or change your attitude.  I didn’t like my last job and I left it.  Very, very glad I did.

Today is Family Day in BC, I guess they just have to be different.  The rest of the country has family day next Monday. That will slow things down a bit at work, not a lot though.  It is the start of busy season at work as well – tax time.  The staff start to get a little testy this time of year since they are so dang busy.  Well, IT has been busy since the beginning of September, so, you won’t get much sympathy from me.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, not that I care about that – bullshit holiday invented and carried on to cause people to spend money in the middle of the winter.  Tomorrow is also Twix’s birthday, she will be 4 years old and it will be just about a month since she joined us.  She is fitting in quite well, I think she really likes having two dog sisters to play with and a Dad who works from home and has lots of time to give three dogs attention. She’s clingy with me, typically laying beside me on whatever part of the couch I am sitting on.  She isn’t spending the day in the office any more, she tends to go back to bed and sleeps the day away – tough life, and a good gig if you can get it.  So, happy birthday Twix.

Next weekend the four of us are going to meet with Twix’s former owners at a dog park.  I am sure she will love seeing her former family.  They’ve been following posts on Facebook and as any of my friends know, I tend to post a fair amount there.  Hopefully she isn’t confused and thinks they are taking her home again.

With next Monday being Family Day (in the rest of the country that has it), I am taking a 4 day weekend.  I was unable to get Friday off since one of the guys who backs me up is already off, so I chose Tuesday instead.  Next week will be a great, short week – three day weeks fly by very quickly.

This week, I need to get passport photos done and then apply for my password.  A 5 year passport is $120 and a ten year one is $160.  Do you think they are pushing the 10 year deal?  I may never need it again after my trip in March but I guess it will be good to have.  Lots of time for it to arrive before I head on my trip so that’s good.  I have no idea where I go to apply, should I apply in person, otherwise I can apply via mail.  I think I wil find the passport office though.

Well, time for coffee and to start my day.  Enjoy your week.

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