The Sportsman Show

The Sportsman Show yesterday was pretty good, lots of exhibitors, lots of different stuff from all aspects of the outdoors.  A huge number of boats for sale – no interest in that myself, there isn’t a lot of water around and I am not a huge fisherman anyway.  Water skiing on the Bow River, that would be interesting.  Way out of the average persons’ price range anyway.  Some of the Seadoo’s were cool, those would be a lot of fun.

There were some trailers, only a few different models and the prices were nowhere near as good as at the RV Show of a few weeks ago.  There was an Airstream trailer, one of the smallest ones they make, would sleep just two, no washroom, nothing special – $55000.  A completely ridiculous price if you ask me.

I purchased one thing, a slice of dry pizza.  LOL

I headed home shortly after 2PM, took the train to Crowfoot station where I had parked my vehicle.  On the way home, nearly there (within a kilometer for sure), going up a hill, it started to sputter.  Sure enough, I ran out of gas.  I knew I was low, I didn’t know I was that low.  In all of the years that I have driven, that has never happened to me before.  Luckily, I have AMA Plus so I called for roadside gas.  It took them a while, there apparently were a lot of calls and few drivers working.  They put in about 10L of gas for me, no charge.  A passerby helped me push my SUV out of the way of traffic.  Wow, is it a heavy vehicle, we were barely able to move it.  Oh well, a lesson learned for sure.  Pay attention to the low gas light…  At least now I know exactly how far I can go.

So, half of the weekend is over.  Weekends go by far too quickly.  Tomorrow is back to work day.  At least I enjoy my job and next weekend is a long weekend with Family Day being Monday and I have extended it through Tuesday as I have lieu time to use.  It will be a nice relaxing weekend.

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