The Sportsman Show, a trailer and coaching

I am heading to the Sportsman Show this weekend at the Coral Center downtown.  Should be good, I last went a few years ago.  Lots of different stuff to look at for sure.  I am going with a true sportsman so it should be fun.  Will get me out of the house for a few hours anyway and will likely keep me out of trouble for a few hours.

I have decided against purchasing a trailer after all.  The financing options were not to my liking.  I was hoping to keep the monthly payments down to $25o or so per month.  Well, in order to do that, the term was going to be dragged on too long and I would have ended up spending WAY too much money on it.  A shorter term would have kept the overall cost down, but I am not spending over $600 per month on something I might use 5 months of the year.  Too bad, but what can ya do.

So, plans for the summer have slightly changed.  I will likely umpire a bit more than I was planning and I think I will spend some more time outside with the dogs.  I plan on building a fire pit in the backyard so that will be cool.  I missed that living in Ranchlands.  Hopefully, I can coerce a friend or two to help me with the fire pit, nothing fancy.  I do have the landlord’s permission to put one in, so that is half the battle.

I have volunteered to help out with one of the travel teams this summer.  Currently, there is no coach in place.  I am not really interested in being the head coach unless there is a specific need, but I wouldn’t mind helping out.  It has a low commitment, one practice a week and 3 tournaments where I would not have to spend anything out of pocket.  At least one of the tournaments are in the US but I will soon have my passport again so that won’t be an issue.  The only cost I would have would be the dogs in boarding.  No idea if this will go ahead – I’ve offered, I will likely hear in the next few weeks, I would guess.

Well, that’s it for now.  This week flew by, as most recent weeks have.  Enjoy your weekend.

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