Enough of the cold…

It is just after 4am and it is -30C outside right now.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t tend to mind winter, but come on, -30 is a bit insane.  Add a windchill to that and it is more insane.  Well, it is nearing the middle of February, winter will be over soon(ish) enough.

Blondie and Twix are unimpressed with the temperatures.  Twix goes out, does her business and comes back to the door wanting to go in as quickly as she can.  This morning, Blondie showed a rare aversion to the cold – she was doing the paw hop.  Hera on the other hand lays in the snow and rolls around – she seems to love it.

I will be getting away from the cold in a few weeks.  I am heading to Mauritius for a 3 week business trip.  It will be the end of summer down there so temps should be hotter than what I typically like, around the 30C range.  Compared to right now, that is 60C hotter than what we have today, sort of nuts.

I will be in Toronto for a few days prior to heading to Mauritius.  I also plan on visiting Niagara for a weekend visit.  It will be good to see everyone.  It will be a whirlwind trip though.  I will then work a few days out of the National office which will be cool.

Dates have not yet been confirmed, but it is looking like it will be the end of March.  If all goes as currently planned, I will head to Toronto on March 24, Niagara on the 25th and 26th and then Toronto for the 27th through 29th and fly out on the 30th.  I will be back around April 23 or so.  Blondie, Hera and Twix will be at Tree Tops Pet Resort for the time that I am away.  Blondie and Hera love it there, Twix has never been so I think I will do an overnight in the next month.  It might help her to know she’s there for a bit and then I pick them up – who knows…  With me being gone for nearly a month, they might think it is their new home.

I need to get my passport, I let it expire when I moved to Alberta since I am so far from the border and typically don’t travel.  The 10 year passport is $160, so not too bad.  It will be an experience anyway, I’ve never left North America and really didn’t think I ever would.  Who knows, perhaps this will awaken a desire to travel.  My budget likely won’t allow it though.

I am sure to post a lot of pictures and a log of my adventure.  Enjoy it, I am sure I will.

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