The Long Weekend

This is day 4 of 4 that I have been off.  The previous 3 days flew by, as days off often do.

On Friday, I took the dogs to the off-leash park.  We were playing ChuckIt when Hera was attacking a small dog, no one was hurt but I put Hera back in the truck and continued playing with Blondie and Twix – Hera was NOT impressed.  As it turned out, it more than likely wasn’t Hera who started it, which does not actually surprise me.  The small dog started 2 other “fights” with larger dogs before the owner picked it up and left.  Why do people with small, aggressive dogs bring them to off-leash parks?  Hera could have killed the dog, had she wanted to but she is not a mean or vicious dog, I have no doubt that she was protecting herself.  After the small dog left, I got Hera from the truck and we stayed for another hour playing ChuckIt.  I am getting sick and tired of dogs who are aggressive and the owners who either can’t control them or are clueless.

After the dog park, I headed down to the RV show at the Corral Center, beside the Saddledome.  Good show, 12 different RV dealers from around Alberta.  Tons and tons of trailers, motorhomes and accessories as well as home show type products, hot tubs, RV resort packages, camping sites, everything you could possibly want for camping.  I didn’t tour any of the larger trailers and RV’s, I only looked at stuff that I could actually afford.  I spoke to a number of sales people and got the information I wanted.  I didn’t make any decisions, despite some sales pressure – spending 20 grand is not something I do without thinking about it.

Saturday, we went to a different dog park, Southland Park, AKA, Sue Higgins Park.  Twix had obviously been there before, she kept wanting to go through the gates that lead to the river.  Unfortunately, it is not quite river time so we had to pass.  I returned to the RV show in the afternoon after making a decision on which trailer I wanted.  Most of the sales people who I spoke with “claimed” they would follow-up with me on Saturday or Sunday.  Only one did, and that happens to be who I decided to purchase from.  I didn’t really want a bathroom in the trailer, didn’t want to deal with “black” water.  I also didn’t really want to lose the floor space for a shower and toilet.  If I am camping for a couple of days, I will be able to go without a shower.  Any park that I visit will have washroom facilities.  The shower might be useful to clean up a muddy dog, but towels can do that as well – or a quick dip in a lake, pond or river would too.  I decided on a small trailer, only sleeps 3, has a pull out queen size bed, dining table, 2 burner stove, fridge and plenty of storage.  It will be perfect for myself and three dogs.  If anyone else was to join us, it would become tight, but that should not happen often, if at all.

I will find out about financing options on the trailer today.  My credit is not the best, so I may end up paying higher interest – that happens…  My credit is improving though, so, we will see.  Could be a deal breaker if too high.

Sunday, I was up earlier than normal – with normal being between 3-4am, I got up at 2:20.  I had a great morning nap from 7-9:30 and felt great.  I left for baseball registration, the second in-person registration where we also size players for uniforms.  I got home around 3:15 and took the dogs back to the park and then stopped by Best Buy.  I watched the Pro Bowl last evening – not bad for touch football.  I did, briefly, watch part of the NHL All-Star game but it was awful and I ended up switching within 10 minutes.  I have to say, the best All-Star game is definiately MLB, of course, baseball is the greatest sport on the planet.

Today will be a relaxing day.  I plan on hitting the dog park at first light, so about 2 hours from now for a couple of hours.  The dogs LOVE playing with the ChuckIt.  Whoever invented that should be a millionaire.  It is a simple device but allows you to throw it far distances with ease and you get have to touch a dog slobber covered ball.  Nothing else planned for the day, other than a nap sometime this afternoon.

All in all, it was a good long weekend.  Back to work tomorrow, back to the regular routine.

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