The RV Show

Yesterday I went to the RV show at the Corral Center, beside the Saddledome.  Lots of walking around, lots of trailers.  I enjoy camping but with three dogs, camping in a tent is not an option.  This also eliminates camping in a tent trailer.

So, I did a lot of walking around and talked to a bunch of reps.  I actually only looked at trailers that I could afford, I didn’t look at anything over the mid-20 grand range, did not tour any of the big trailers or motor homes.

I found a few trailers that I might be interested in.  I need to decide, basically, on what type of floor plan I am interested in.  The show ends tomorrow (Sunday) but tomorrow is not good for me to go back, so if I want to get any of the show deals, I need to make a decision today.  I don’t particularly like rushing into a decision where I spend 20 thousand dollars lightly or quickly – this is a change from how I used to operate.  I’d see something I want and I’d buy t.

I do know that I want one.  I have been thinking about it for a few years.  I loved the trailer I had back in Ontario, it was like a second home.  I think I’d love the idea of zipping around the province and exploring BC, Saskatchewan and Montana, really, anywhere within 4-5 hours of Calgary.  It would also give me the option of driving across the country, perhaps back to Ontario for a visit and I’d have a place to stay along the way.  The possibilities are endless.

The one that is leading the charge is an 18′ trailer with a queen bed in the front, dining table, small kitchen with a small fridge/freezer, 2 burner stove top and a sink, 2 bunk beds at the back and a small bathroom.  I had considered getting a trailer without a bathroom but there are very few models like this and it would be nice being able to hose down a certain Yellow Lab who loves to play in mud puddles.  The bunks would allow for a couple of guests, should that need arise.  The kitchen table also converts into another bed so potentially, it will sleep 5 people.  With that many people, I am not sure where 3 dogs would sleep, but that is an issue for another day.

Anyway, I am going to go over my paperwork and by noon or so, hope to have a decision.  Wish me some luck in making the right one.

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2 Responses to The RV Show

  1. Roy Villers says:

    Send us some pictures of the trailer

    Sent from my iPad

    • Kevin D'Arcy says:

      Didn’t take any pictures, have the brochures with prices… Airstream prices are out of this world, immediately out of contention, I’m not a millionaire… LOL

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