Chirping.  Not the sounds that birds make.  I mean when you put down someone’s sports team.  That kind of chirping.  It is fun, generally harmless (unless you happen to be some sort of snowflake) and people don’t (again, generally) get hurt.

I chirp friends all the time.  I tend to like teams that don’t do all that way.  Buffalo Bills, Calgary Flames for instance.  I take as much, if not more than I dish out.

There are teams I dislike more than others and fans of those teams get chirped more often than others.  A friend, or someone I thought was a friend actually unfriended me on Facebook because he happens to love the Yankees – lives and breathes them and I hate, absolutely hate them.  I guess he’s a snowflake – no big loss.

I digress.

I also dislike the Miami Dophins, Oakland Raiders (and generally ALL California teams in ALL sports with the exception of the SF Giants), Dallas Cowboys, Saskatchewan Roughriders (CFL, for those of you unfamiliar with Canadian Football), the Toronto Maple Leafs and I am sure a few more that I can’t think of right now, those are the main ones.

Anyway, I bet a co-worker, PB, that in the last Flames – Leafs game that the Flames (my team of choice) would defeat the Leafs.  A safe bet, most times.  I won.  A quarter.  I never received my quarter and I didn’t feel it necessary to send people to break PB’s legs.

Last evening, the Flames traveled to Toronto and I offered a double-or-nothing bet.  Well, the Flames had no spark – I am not sure what players they sent to Toronto, Peewee or Bantam aged players is my main guess.  Anyway, sad to report that the Leafs blanked us, 4-0 and now PB owes me nothing.

I chirped her a bit, not too much though, before the game.  Ended up backfiring on me.  I was also chirped by a few friends in Ontario who were also aware of the score.  I can handle that.

The chirp of the night, however, was in Calgary, in person.  A friend and I went to a bar for wings and to catch the Flames game.  Well, with his mom and presumably his grandmother, a young kid, 12 years old or so, came in wearing an Oilers jersey.  The Oilers, from Edmonton and the other half of the Battle of Alberta are one of the main rivals of the Flames.  On Saturday, they dismantled the Flames.  So, this 12 year old got a few good shots in…  Unlike my normal self, I had ZERO comeback.  Nothing.  At.  All.

What could I say?  As I mentioned, the Oilers crushed us in the last outing.  In the next one, we are just as likely to crush them.  But, on this night, the last game wasn’t a good example and didn’t help my cause.

The kid didn’t continue, he likely got the eye from his Mom – you know, hey, we are in Calgary, you are wearing an Oilers jersey and your mocking this man – stop while you’re ahead.

I asked my friend (SS) if I was allowed to beat him up.  His reply – well, no, he’s 12 and I doubt you could anyway.  Thanks.  Another chirp.


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