An update for you…

This week at work was more, normal, shall we say?  It was still busy, very busy actually, but when compared to the two previous weeks, it was comparably slower so it was manageable.  Wow, what a couple of weeks.  I cannot say I was bored, that’s for sure.

The next two weeks are shorter weeks for me.  I have this coming Friday off and the following Monday, so a 4 day weekend.  I can use it.  Thanks.  Friday, I am heading to the RV show at the Coral Center, beside the Saddledome.  I would love to get a small trailer to camp in.  Nothing more than a 3 sleeper, no requirement for running water, I don’t want to have to winterize it.  I’d like to have a fridge, stove, perhaps a heater and AC, although those last two aren’t even necessary.  I had a trailer, a HUGE trailer, when I was back in Ontario.  It was set up at a park.  It would be cool being able to tow this one around the province.  Guess we will see what prices are like anyway.

Back to the work theme – there is an upcoming trip to Mauritius to meet and train our team there.  It has been pushed off a number of times and last week, I was asked if I wanted to go in the middle of February.  The company was unable to help me with my dog care expenses, it is against policy.  I took that into consideration as it is a 3 week, all expense paid trip to what most would consider paradise.  I also thought about Twix who I only adopted a week ago (not even a week at the time of this writing).  I didn’t think it was fair to her to have her as part of the family for only a little over a month and then leave for a month (nearly), so I declined.

Yesterday, the trip was pushed back, again, this time until April.  Again, I was asked to go.  This time around, I am leaning the other way.  By April, I will have my tax refund which will pay for the boarding.  Since it is sort of “found” money, it won’t hit me financially.  Twix will also be several months into her tenure with us and will be settled.  So, I am much more likely to agree to go.  I have until this next week to decide and let them know.  I’d need a passport, plenty of time to get that.  So, I am considering it, again.

I have also decided that it is time for a new bed.  The double that I am currently using is 11 years old now.  I purchased it shortly after adopting Zeus.  At that time, I had a waterbed and was worried he would claw his way through it and drown.  An 11-year-old mattress is nearly the end of its life.  Also, a double and three dogs PLUS myself, is not quite large enough.  I have purchased a king size mattress at Sleep Country – delivery in the next bit.  It will give us plenty of room and will fit in the room, not sure if I will be able to have the night table or not.  If it won’t fit, I will put a shelf on the wall for my cell phone, light, etc.  It will be nice with the extra room.  It will mean I will need to purchase new sheets and a duvet, but that’s OK.  The double will become the spare room bed.  I might even keep the single that’s already in there and have room for multiple guests.

Speaking of guests, it looks like my Aunt and cousin are coming for a visit in May.  I’ve booked a week off.  It will be nice seeing them and exploring the area.  May is a nice time of year here.  Typically, the snow has left us and the weather is nice.  A buddy of mine is also considering visiting, likely during Stampede.  I’ve booked that week off as well.

This weekend is fairly busy.  Not a lot going on today, dog park when the sun comes up and grocery shopping.  Tomorrow, we have our first in-person registration for baseball.  I am doing uniforms and need to size new players coming in.  Weekends go by too quickly.

Well, you are up to date.  Enjoy your weekend.

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