Welcome, Twix !!!

Back in December, I joined a group on Facebook for Calgary and area pets, pets for sale, looking for new homes and what not.  This past Friday, I saw an ad for a medium sized pitbull mix named Twix.


Cute dog, I figured I would message the owner and get some information.  We went back and forth a couple of times, she needed to be rehomed due to a change of environment with her family.  I arranged a meet and greet the next day with Blondie and Hera.

The three of us arrived at the off leash park near my house around 11am.  Our meeting was scheduled for noon.  Blondie and Hera were already tired from playing ChuckIt by the time Twix and her owner arrived.

The dogs played together well for the next hour or so, and Twix’s owner and I got to know each other, asking a ton of questions.  They then visited my house and Twix explored and played for another hour with my dogs.  All went well.  Twix is a very easy going girl.

Sunday morning, Twix’s owner called and asked if I had made any decision about adopting her.  I had decided that yes, I would take her.  So, after my baseball meeting on Sunday morning, I drove down to their place and picked up the new addition to my family.  I am very sure it was tough for them to let her go, but they wanted something better for her than they were able to provide at the time.

Twix has now been part of the family since Sunday, so it is day 4 and all three of them are getting along well.  She’s blending in and learning her new routine.  I have a companion in my office during the work day as Twix sleeps in her bed in the office.

Twix is originally from California, San Diego to be exact and has been in Canada since she was a puppy.  She will be 4 on Valentine’s Day.

Welcome to the D’Arcy Pack Twix, we are happy to have you with us !!!

Kevin, Blondie & Hera

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