The weekend is here, thankfully…

This was another rip-roaring busy week at work.  The week flew by though, so that is great.  I worked some OT, banked up some lieu time, I think I have a few days of lieu now.  Nothing out of the ordinary, just massive volume of tickets.  It is over though and the weekend is here.

I am heading for breakfast this morning with a friend and then off to the dog park for noon or so.  I plan on zipping to Walmart shortly.  They open at 7 and it won’t be busy – good time to go.  The dogs come along – they love car rides.  The weather has broken from the frigid deep freeze we were in.  It is just just below zero and I think it is supposed to be on the plus side today for the first time in about 6 weeks.  Gotta love Alberta Chinooks.

Tonight is the winter party for work.  I am not sure on the reasoning behind moving it from November / December and not having a Christmas party any longer.  I presume it is for “politically correct” reasons, and, if so, that’s disgusting.  Anyway, doesn’t really matter, I am not going.  I have not been in the office for 2.5 years now and really don’t know a lot of the staff any longer.  Actually, I don’t know most of the staff any longer – I’d know some of the managers, most of the senior managers and most of the partners.  If my IT co-worker was going then I’d likely go, but he isn’t so I am not.  It is also at some fancy hotel downtown and I really don’t care to get dressed up.  I hope all that do attend have a great time.

There is a baseball meeting tomorrow.  I am handling uniforms this year.  In-person registrations start next weekend and new players will be sized for uniforms.  Evaluations will be in a few weeks, not that I will be involved with that – I don’t think anyway.  SS may ask for my assistance in evaluating.  If he does, I am more than happy to help.  If he doesn’t, I am equally happy to sit back and relax.  I do plan on umpiring this summer so I am sure I will umpire a game or two that the Rockies play in.  I also plan on watching the odd game.  Should be an enjoyable summer.

At the end of the month, I am going to the RV show and I will see if there is a small trailer that meets my needs.  Will be fun, regardless.

Well, time to head to Walmart – what an exciting start to my day.  Enjoy yours.

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