Happy Birthday, Hera !!!

Last week was, by far, the busiest week I have ever experienced at work.  The volume of tickets that came in was far beyond what I could have expected, to say the least.  The week flew by, that’s for sure.  Hopefully, we will be able to catch up and keep up – will be interesting to see what this coming week brings.  January through mid-March, or so, are the busiest times for us.  Once tax season gets into high gear, it slows down since the accountants and staff only report issues when they can’t do their jobs, not for every small issue.  I enjoy it though and their issues mean I have a stead job so it is a win-win really.

Yesterday was Hera’s second birthday.  I posted on a German Shepherd group that I am part of and almost 400 people liked my update and over 50 wished her a happy birthday.  It is nice when complete strangers take time from their day and make a comment about a dog that they have not and will not meet, simply because of their love of dogs.  It was very nice, I appreciated it and I am sure in some way, Hera did too – she knew there was love for her that day (and every day really).

We had a good day.  In the morning, we drove to the pet store for food and a couple of toys.  I bought a large ball, made up of interconnected hexagons so the center of the ball is open.  Inside, you can put large biscuits and the dogs would need to work to get them out.  I put a smaller ball with a squeak in it inside the large ball.  Both Hera and Blondie seem to like carrying it around and playing tug of war with it.  Blondie, of course, claimed it as “hers”, even though I tried to explain that it was actually Hera’s.  I also bought a couple of ChuckIt! balls, their favourite game at the off lease park.  Hopefully we don’t lose them…

In the afternoon, we were at the park for about and hour and a half.  Some of their dog friends were there and they joined in chasing the ball.  One dog in particular, Lefty, LOVES to chase and Blondie and Hera like this dog and don’t give any problems when Lefty does get to the ball.  Lefty returns it to me, every time, drops it immediately and then lays down, waiting for the next throw.  I’ve told her owner that I am going to dog-nap Lefty, she’s an awesome dog and very cute – not sure what breed she is, medium sized terrier of sorts, I guess.  Cute anyway, white with black markings.  We see her a few times a week.

Today, we will go to meet the regular Sunday 9am crowd.  There are quite a few dogs there at that time that mine like.  I am sure they like seeing their dog friends.  It’ll be a cold one though, currently it is -20C.  Winter is here and looks like it’ll stick around for a while.

Enjoy your Sunday, I am sure we will enjoy ours.

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