Back to work tomorrow for a new year…

Today is the last day of the New Years holiday, it is back to work tomorrow.  Traditionally, tomorrow will be one of the busiest days at work all year.  After people have been off for 10 days or more, they forget passwords, they can’t do this, they can’t do that and they ALL submit tickets for help.

This is the first day back after the Christmas break where I have not had to do direct support.  I will see the tickets and I will be able to assign them to techs to fix the issues.  I am sure it will be busy, the entire month of December was insane.  It makes the days go by VERY quickly.

I should or I hope to find out if I will be going to Mauritius for work this week.  I am neutral on this, I will go if asked to go but if not asked to, it won’t bother me in the least.  It would be good to go.  I would be able to meet the guys that I work with on a daily basis and assist with their training.  They don’t necessarily do things like I do and not that I am perfect, but we do want to streamline how they provide the support that they do.

If I am going, I have a bit of planning to take care of.  I will need to ensure I can get the dogs into boarding and I need a passport too.  I am hoping I will have time to get one through regular channels and not have to expedite it.

Baseball season starts soon for Babe Ruth.  I am handling uniforms this year.  I need to be at the registrations to handle sizing for new players, those are later this month.  Evaluations start in February, I don’t know if I will be involved or not.  I have offered my assistance to the Rockies, not sure if it is needed, or wanted.  I am ok either way.

I am looking forward to having more free this time summer.  I’ve already booked a day off of work to head to the RV show in late January.  I will be looking at small trailers – hardtops or tent type.  I would love to do some camping this coming summer.

The play-offs for the World Juniors start today, not sure who Canada is playing nor the time and I am not even completely sure it is today – guess I should check that.

Enjoy your day and if you are back to work tomorrow, try to have fun.

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