Christmas break just about done…

My 4 day Christmas break is almost at an end.  It has flown by, as most days off do.  It was pretty relaxing.

Last night was the start of the World Junior hockey tournament, Canada was playing Russia.  It was sort of a boring game.  I was rather tired, this insomnia is catching up to me, and went to bed before the third period started – that would have been the most exciting period.  Discovered this morning that Canada held on for the win, 5-3.  They play again this evening in what should be an easier contest.

Back to work tomorrow.  I am sure it won’t be busy, at all.  I do have a few things to do, some account setups for the New Year, we have staff starting January 3.  That will take 30 minutes.  After that, who knows?

I am going to a Calgary Hitmen game on Friday night, that will be good.  I plan on taking the train to the Saddledome, far easier and cheaper than driving.

Next week will be back to the regular routine.  Tuesday is the first day for staff to be back and traditionally will be the busiest, or one of the busiest days of the year.  It has been very busy for the last few months, really since September so nothing surprises me anymore.

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