Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day.  I don’t plan on hitting any early morning shopping sprees, that is for the insane.  There are some good deals on various things, but I don’t really need anything at the moment.

Christmas Day was a good one.  I didn’t end up starting dinner until about 7pm, ate just before 9pm.  I had a turkey breast that I pan seared with various spices and then flopped it into the oven to bake.  While that was going, I put potatoes and green peppers into the pan that I was cooking the turkey in and cooked those up – they turned out excellently and had quite the kick.  Stove top stuffing and Pillsbury crescent rolls topped off dinner, with a side of cranberries, of course.  The dessert that I tried was good.  I greased my crock-pot, dumped a can of cherry pie filling in the bottom and covered it with a vanilla cake mix.  Not bad at all.  Sort of like cherry cobbler that my mom and sister used to make but in some way, better.  Two hours on high, the cake had risen to take the entire crock-pot.  I might try t again, seeing as cake mixes were on sale, 3 for $5.  Like I am actually going to bake a cake…

Not much going on today, I don’t think.  Blondie, Hera and I will go to the dog park around 9 and I might go to one of the malls later this morning, not sure on that one though.  The World Junior hockey tournament starts tonight as well.

I am off work until Wednesday.  It will be nice to have the time off, it has been crazy of late.  This week should, and I stress should, be quiet.  Most of the offices are closed but I don’t put anything past any of our users.

If you’re going our hunting for Boxing Day deals, I hope you find what you’re looking for.  I am going to go and hunt a cup of coffee…

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