Christmas Day

Christmas Day.  The dogs don’t know it is Christmas, but I bought them extra stuff anyway.  I was hoping that Hera would open her gifts.  Nope.  She looked at them, looked at me, looked at Blondie, did nothing.  So, that was a failed experiment.  I already knew that Blondie didn’t open gifts either.  So, I guess, moving forward, I won’t bother wrapping anything, makes my life easier.

I did discover, however, that Hera loves Denta Sticks.  I knew Blondie loved them but she hasn’t had them in some time – well, I’d say since before I got Hera.  I will have to continue to buy them.

New leashes and collars and a water bowl were also secured as well as a Furmanator brush.  I bought it online for only $15 including shipping, far better deal than the $70 or so you find them for in stores.  Both dogs seem to like being brushed with it and it has cut down on the shedding BIG TIME.

We went to the dog park, arrived around 9am, we had the park to ourselves.  Shortly after that, others arrived, the typical 9:15 people.  Hera proceeded to get into a mini-scrap with one of the Huskies that she sees once or twice a week – no idea what that was about, typically they get along fine.  The Husky suffered an injury just below her eye, I am glad it wasn’t the eye itself.  Her owner was OK with it since his dog started the scuffle.  Both of them cut that nonsense out the rest of the time at the park, so that was good.

We played with our new ChuckIt! ball for about an hour.  The dogs will do it, pretty well until they drop.  I don’t allow the game to go on quite that long.  So, Blondie and Hera saw most of the 9:15 dogs and had fun running around in the knee deep snow.  It was dang cold though.  I discovered, or perhaps confirmed, that my Ontario winter boots do not quite cut it as Alberta winter boots.  I may look for some Boxing Day sales and get something that’ll keep my feet warm.

We headed home and had a nap.  The dogs love napping, almost as much as I do.  What am I saying?  They love it WAY more than I do.

For me – well, nothing under the tree, I guess I was a bad boy in Santa’s eyes.  I did, however, get myself a few things.  I purchased a Pixel XL phone a few weeks back and a case for the phone as well.  I bought a griddle that I have wanted for a bit, it was finally on sale at Canadian Tire.  My best gift, to all three of us, was the house I am now living in.  It is perfect and the dogs love the backyard and I am sure appreciate the lack of stairs here.  I can see being here a long time.

Tonight, I am making a turkey breast.  I have been undecided on how to prepare it, still am.  I have done a cranberry glaze before, for chicken, I may do the same for the turkey.  Potatoes, stuffing (sadly, just Stove Top, but I love it), stir fried vegetables and Pillsbury Crescent rolls round out dinner.  I will share some with Blondie and Hera – it is only fair.  Dessert will be a cake/cherry pie filling concoction that I found on Facebook.  Cooks in the crock-pot and I am sure will be quite good.

That’ll wrap up another Christmas Day.  Still have two days off then back to work.  Well, back as in my office, where I am now.  And come to think of it, I doubt I will even be in the office since it will be SLOW.  Most of the offices are closed and for those that are open, most of the staff are off.  I don’t expect to have to do much – it will be some much needed downtime.  I will pay for it though, the first day back is traditionally one of the busiest days of the year.

Well, here’s to your Christmas Day – I hope it was a good one !!!

Merry Christmas,

Kevin, Blondie and Hera 🙂


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