Not a bad Monday, as Mondays go…

I am working an evening shift today which is rather odd for me.  The regular evening people are off on vacation and the person who is covering this week needed tonight off, so they asked me to cover.  It is a change of pace for sure.  Although the day was very busy, tonight has not been.  Hell, I have time to write a blog entry.

I am also watching Shawshank Redemption.  It is a fantastic movie and one of the rare movies that may be better than the book it is based on.  Morgan Freeman is in it and I don’t think he’s ever been in a bad movie, has he?

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation was also on, but it is on CBC and they add so many commercials and take out so much content that the movies end up sucking.  So, unless it is sports, I pretty well don’t watch CBC.  There is also the fact that the CBC is a Liberal mouthpiece which I can’t stand.  Report the news, don’t add your Liberal slang to everything – twatwaffles that they are…  I saw that word today on Facebook, describing our glorious leader, Justin Trudeau, I thought it appropriate and figured I’d use it.

So, back to work tomorrow at 6:30am, that’s after working until 10 tonight.  I imagine I will be able to go to sleep right away, I hope anyway.  It will be tough actually staying up that late.  Just over two hours to go.

Went shopping this morning for Christmas dinner stuff.  I am trying a recipe with a turkey breast.  Hopefully it will turn out.  I am sure it will, I’ve sort of turned into a good cook.

Also took the dogs to the park.  Being a week day, it was dead.  They were able to play with the Chuckit! uninterupted.  All in all, a good day.

Enjoy your week.  Only four more days to go.

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