Out of the freezer, finally…

We’ve finally left the deep freeze that has held a tight grip on the area for the last two weeks.  It was still -15C or so last night when I went to bed, it is now just -4C with an expected high around -1C today.  Compared to what we’ve had, this is near tropical.

We will be able to spend a longer time at the dog park, mostly because I won’t be freezing my ass off.  The dogs have been fine – I think they enjoyed the cold spell.  It is supposed to be in the -3C to -10C range for the next couple of weeks, I can handle that, easily.  -25, that is tough to deal with.

When I moved to Alberta, I brought winter jackets with me, of course.  Well, I discovered that S. Ontario winter jackets do not quite cut it in S. Alberta.  I’ve purchased a few more jackets here and can now dress properly for the seasons.  My winter jackets that I brought with me serve perfectly in spring and fall, sometimes in Summer.  Not complaining though, I will take the cold winter over the hot, humid summer days of Ontario, any time.  Throw -25C at me, it might be cold, but it is far more tolerable than 45C with the humidity.  In the nearly 5 years that I have been here, we’ve had about 3 days that I would consider hot/humid and I’ve only had a couple of nights where it was uncomfortable for sleeping.

Baseball meeting today, hopefully, it will be a quick one.  I don’t have anything to report as yet.  I am handling uniforms this season and the gent who’s handled them for the last few years hasn’t really gotten in touch with me as yet.  Nothing to really happen until after we start registrations in January.  As I have noted, I am not coaching this summer and I am OK with the decision.  I’ve coached for a long time and I need a break.  I will get back to it, I am sure, I just want some time off.  Being on the board will allow me to stay connected.  I am also considering a return to umpiring.  That will allow me to set my own schedule and earn some cash while still participating in the game I love.  The umpire association needs members as well, they were often short-handed last season.

My plan for this coming summer is to buy a small trailer so that I can do some camping, something that I enjoy.  Nothing fancy, nothing like what I had back in Ontario.  I need a bed for me and the dogs, a fridge, bbq and that’s about it.  I don’t want water, don’t want a bathroom – that’s extra work come the end of the season to winterize.  Campgrounds always have bathrooms and shower facilities.  I am OK with that.  I am planning on going to the RV show in January and I will see what’s available.  I can then judge new prices versus the used market.

Well, heading to the dog park at first light – 7:45 is my aim time.  I need to be at my baseball meeting for 10am and it is a 25 minute drive there, so we will get an hour and a half of Chuckit! in.  The dogs will be happy, and tried out.  I need to stop for groceries on the way home – hopefully, and this is only a hope, the store won’t be overly busy.

Tomorrow, I am working a rare evening shift.  We have a number of staff members on vacation and lieu time.  I am happy to help out – it should be interesting.  I am hoping it isn’t as busy as it has been.

Enjoy your Sunday.

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