It’s the weekend…

I run weekly reports for my job covering the number of tickets that were handled the previous week.  Last week was the busiest week we’ve had since I started running these reports back at the beginning of July.  Last December, it was slow, very slow.  This December has been anything but slow.  We handled a record number of tickets with more than half of the staff off.  Good job to all involved.

So, it is the weekend, thankfully.  I am still up earlier than should be allowed, I “slept in” until nearly 3am today.  That was after having a 2.5 hour nap last evening – I guess I need to do some catching up.

Nothing really planned this weekend.  I will take Blondie and Hera to the dog park at first light.  That is still some4 hours off at this point.  We also need to drive to Cochrane to pick up a Charlie Brown Christmas tree that I ordered online.  Surprisingly enough, there are no Home Hardware stores in Calgary.  I guess it must be a smaller town thing.  Dog food purchase is also in order.  Tomorrow, I have a baseball meeting that I am guessing will be lightly attended – it is a week before Christmas.  Oh well.

I had my follow-up appointment with my doctor yesterday.  All is well, which is excellent news.  My blood sugar levels are excellent, he was concerned because they were a bit elevated the last time and my family does have a history of diabetes.  Cholesterol was also in the normal range, it was high previously as well.  He (my doctor) did suggest making some dietary changes and eat healthier, which I have done.  I’ve lost some weight, not enough (only 12 lbs) but that is a start.  Blood pressure was also good, I have never had an issue with blood pressure.  He’s now sending me to a urologist, I am sure that’ll be fun.

Very cold weather continues in Calgary, this is now the end of the second week of -20C stuff.  It is supposed to get all the way to -1C tomorrow, I will believe it when I see it.  Enjoy your weekend, once you wake up since I am sure just about everyone is still sleeping.

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